Content Guidelines

Welcome to BravoTechs a new tech and business blog where you can get updated, authentic, and details insight information about new business trends, technology innovation, the latest tech news, software and app features, advancement in chatbot, AI features, games, dropshipping business tips, top 10 products and services in market, how To, social media updates, digital marketing techniques, trending laptop, apps, gadgets and smartphone products reviews and many more related to tech and business topics etc.

We Only Accept Tech and Business Guest Posts

Guest posting is the easiest and most instant way to show your skills, knowledge, and experience in a particular field and you can establish your authority in a particular field. That is why BravoTechs brings an opportunity for business owners, bloggers, and digital marketing experts to get benefits from our Guest Post Services and we can grow parallel.

However, we only accept content related to tech and business topics and must meet our content guidelines and requirements which are given below.

Topics We Cover

  1. Technology
  2. Business
  3. Software and apps
  4. Advancement in ChatGpt
  5. AI features
  6. Dropshipping business tips and suppliers
  7. Digital marketing techniques
  8. Latest business and tech news
  9. How-Tos, Tips, and Tricks
  10. Gadgets, Apps, Laptop and Smartphone devices product reviews

We only publish content that covers tech and business topics. The reason behind this is our commitment to making BravoTechs the trusted platform for tech and business readers. So, let’s write content on the above topics and grow together.

Tech and Business Content Submission Guidelines

  • We accept only 100 words human written, unique, SEO optimized, error-free, and greater value 1000 words content.
  • You can add 3 links to your blog post or article. One of your main sites and the rest of the 2 links should be high-authority site links.
  • All links will be followed and must be relevant to the tech and business industry, niche, or blog.
  • Add proper headings such as H1, H2, and H3, bullet points, necessary paragraph to increase the content readability
  • We only allow 2 minor editions to your content after publishing
  • Once the article is published on our Tech and Business Blog and then you can not publish the same article anywhere else including your own blog and medium etc blog sites
  • Always add relevant and copyright-free, relevant images that attract the users and engage the attention of BrevoTechs blog readers.

Editorial Note

To maintain the reputation of our Tech and Business Blog we can edit the published articles in the following way.

  • Changing lines, paragraphs, sentence, and sentences, correcting the spelling, and making them perfect
  • Edits titles, headlines, and subheadings;
  • We can add some lines in content to bring in content more suitability, clarity, and writing style.

If you have any question regarding our guest post service you may contact us or send mail here Let’s grow together.